Discord Server

Join the Discord

The Discord server is free to access for all.

There are channels that only subscribers to Unusual Whales receive access to. To receive access to subscriber only channels visit the settings page and link your Discord account.


If your subscription lapses and you repurchase it you can relink your roles via the provided button.

If you link the wrong account email [email protected] and we can have the currently linked account unlinked.

Channel Directory

The Discord is divided into 3 main sections:

  • Swashbuckling Subscribers (Subscribers only)

  • Main Deck

  • Lower Deck (Access to these channels can be gained by visiting “#unlock-free-channels# and opting into the desired channels

Each section has different channels, each intended to host and curate discussion on a specific topic.

Please utilize either of the two questions channels if you have any questions regarding the subscription, the Discord server, or trading in general.


All subscription material can be found on the website. The Discord server serves as a chat room for subscribers/non-subscribers. There are no subscription materials exclusive to the Discord server. Participation is completely optional.